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ModApic is an AI Based Style and Fashion matching service provider to businesses


Problems ModAPic solves

  • customers do not know the right keyword and the product in the website also may not be tagged with the same keywords.

  • Majority of us have faced the challenge of finding the exact or similar desired apparel.

  • Often people do not know which tag, category or attribute describes their desired style.

  • Clothing retailers want to satisfy customers’ requests without excessive labelling in their own inventory.

  • Clothing retailers and bloggers want to get the exact taste of their customers.

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  • easy-to-use

    Time Saving

  • Awasome-Design


  • SEO-Friendly


solutions ModAPic provides

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    User Friendly

    Our image based search does not need any input other than a photo!

    A picture tells everything about an apparel while keywords may only provide a portion of that information.

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    Smart Indexing

    We utilizes deep learning algorithms to extract different attributes of clothing, including fabric, texture, style etc., from the uploaded photo.

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    Precise Results

    The outcome of image searching is a mixture of matches and suggestions.This process takes less than 5 seconds!

    If there is not the exact match in a website, there is no problem! Our platform finds the best match.

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    Smart Recommendation

    Another interesting outcome is the recent trends through Instagram accounts of influencers or fashion blogs and providing best matches through image searching.

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    Artificial Intelligence

    Keywords say something, but a photo says everything ! We use deep learning methods to find out what style a customer is looking for.

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    Enriching customer experience

    We will keep the customer much higher engaged and the chance of conversion will be increased.

    Fashion websites benefits from higher level of customer engagement and conversion rates.


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